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On August 9, 2019, Muenchen.TV is broadcasting a nice TV report about Mohamad and his career from his escape from Syria to his fashion boutique in Munich at Baaderstraße 60.


On July 10, 2019, “Hallo München” reported about the opening of the “Eliev” fashion studio on July 6, 2019 at Baaderstraße 60 and about a customer who was so enthusiastic about Mohamad Alhamod's creations that she bought a dress for them Bayreuth Wagner Festival.


“Integration made to measure”: The “BILD” newspaper wrote about “eliev” on November 5, 2018. In the meantime, fashion maker Mohamad Alhamod has moved his design label in Munich's hip Gärtnerplatz district to Baaderstrasse 60.


“One always dreams”: The “Süddeutsche Zeitung” wrote on October 26, 2018 about how the successful fashion entrepreneur Mohamad Alhamod had to start all over again after fleeing Syria. Who has now developed his own fashion label with eliev. And who is already thinking about how he can help other people in need.


“Tailoring between Orient and Occident”: The Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation also became aware of the whiz kid in the German fashion business. The article was published on October 12, 2018, which tells, among other things, that the fashion perception of German women is somewhat different than that of their co-workers from the Orient.


Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation also devoted itself to Mohamad Alhamod in its program “Wir in Bayern”. If you don't want to watch the entire program, you can watch from 11:30 and 56:20 minutes how Mohamad Alhamod successfully passed German exams in a very short time. How he became the couturier of a highly regarded fashion show. And how he established a fashion brand with "eliev" that manages a balancing act that is anything but natural in the fashion industry: classic style, cutting-edge cuts and colors combined with fabrics that are committed to ecological principles.

Mohamad Alhamod designs haute couture fashion for the Arab and Western world. He left his reputation, company and wealth behind when he fled Syria. In Germany he starts all over again and fights hard for his professional recognition. Now he has his own ELIEV studio again in Munich















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