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The dream came true

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

A designer who lost everything in Syria through the war and who, with an iron will, hard work and great talent, built his own haute couture label from scratch in Munich within 4 years - with his own atelier in Munich's Glockenbachviertel. This is Mohamad Alhamod.

Eliev is his young fashion label and now that he has achieved his dream, he wants to give something back:

With a crowdfunding campaign, he wants to relocate production to Jordan, where many Syrian craftsmen and women are stuck with no work and no prospect of a dignified future. With Eliev they should receive a fair income and the opportunity to develop their talent and practice their art. Eliev wants to revolutionize the fashion world and deal with its employees more transparently and fairly than any other fashion label.

The motivation for this comes from Mohamad Alhamod's own story. He himself has lost his fashion label, his company, his house and his environment in Syria. He knows what it is like to be left with nothing - and now wants to do everything in his power to help those who still feel like this. And not with alms - but with the opportunity to be proud employees in an egalitarian company.

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